Sarah Krawiec

Public Relations Officer

Sarah is the Public Relations Officer at Venture Greens Nutrition. She began her involvement with Venture Greens Nutrition in the beginning and wanted to be involved in something she feels passionate about. Passion instilled in the benefits and use of CBD. At VGN she coordinates our ambassador team, public outreach and focuses on developing VGN programs.

When she isn’t editing blogs, working with ambassadors or developing VGN programs, she works as a building envelope science specialist. She performs evaluations of failed and deteriorated building envelope systems, diagnoses issues, recommends appropriate remedial work and designs repairs. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management.


  • 2 years in structural engineering design
  • 5 years in construction project management
  • College rower
  • Avid water-skier and wakeboarder

My Story – How I got involved and Why I use CBD

Two years ago I tore my ACL skiing in Colorado. Despite my injury it was an amazing weekend. My thrill ripping down powdered trail was cut short when I took a tumble. I felt my knee pop and it was game over.

From that moment on I did whatever I needed to get back on the slopes again. I had ACL surgery and did physical therapy for a year after. Like any injury the key is consistency in your recovery process.

Now Im 2+ years post operation and I couldn’t be happier with my recovery.  I followed what the doctors said, did what my physical therapist told me and made a full recovery and used CBD throughout my progress and I continue to use it before and after physical activity.  I massage it daily on my knee, when I wake up and before and after I do any activity.

I use VGN CBD salve because I do what I can to take care of my body, prevent injury, and most importantly, to maintain a healthy lifestyle doing the activities that I love. I can finally do the things I love doing again. I hiked my first 4,000 ft mountain, landed jumping the wake behind the boat on my wakeboard and shredded the slopes at my favorite mountains all winter.

I found what works for me, and I hope my experience and use of CBD will work for you.

Sarah's Favorite Product

Menthol CBD Salve

Venture Greens Nutrition Menthol CBD Salve is the perfect option for direct pain applications. Easily apply salve directly to where you need it most! It is easy to use, there’s no need for oral consumption, and provides a comfortable cooling sensation. 

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