Hiking, recovery and CBD salve benefits

In the beginning

In recent years, hiking has become a significant hobby of mine that I originally disliked but grew to love. Personally, I started off slow, checking out local hiking trails with my college roommates… We honestly spent more time goofing around than we did hiking. As years have passed, hiking has evolved for me. I’ve branched out and left local trails behind and have found myself venturing out to find new, exhilarating places to explore. Throughout my adventures I have learned a lot about hiking and how to optimize my recovery through natural means, like utilizing the powerful benefits of a CBD salve.

This new hobby started in Western Massachusetts and has developed into a nationwide exploration. I’ve hiked into, and out of, The Grand Canyon in Arizona, and hit numerous national parks in Utah and Nevada. My black lab Rory and I have ventured to the peak of Mt. Killington in Vermont to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the peak of Mt. Washington.

This year we have more to come, we started the New Hampshire 48 late last year and are determined to finish all 48- 4,000ft mountains in the next year or so. By completing the New Hampshire 48, Rory and I will have hiked all 4,000ft mountains in the state. Although we’ve been hiking for years now, I still feel the physical repercussions during and after these hikes. I experience a lot of muscle, joint aches and muscle fatigue. The main areas are my knees, back and neck. Sometimes, all three areas are very sore and cause life after hikes to be a little uncomfortable.

Dealing with pain and discomfort

Although I love to go hiking, afterwards I am usually pretty beat down. I usually have a lot of muscle and joint soreness and sometimes this can last for days. Even though it’s “part of the experience” I don’t necessarily want to be sore for days on end after a hike. To combat the post – hike soreness, I try to make sure I am well hydrated throughout the hike. I stretch, both before and after the hike. If I have planned out a hike in advance, I try to stretch as much as I can prior. Increasing flexibility by stretching not only helps you to be less sore during and after the hike, but it can also help to avoid injury while hiking.

Eating is another big player when it comes to post hike soreness. The last thing we want when hiking is to hit a wall.  Before hand I always make sure I have eaten a nutritious meal, and I always pack snacks with me in case my body needs a little extra fuel to finish the hike. Protein can be a good idea post hike to help those muscles recover from the strenuous activity you just put them through. The last way that I have learned to get some relief from the physical demands and discomfort is through using a CBD menthol Salve. The Venture Greens Nutrition CBD salve benefits are the final piece to the puzzle when it comes to my recovery after a long, intensive hike.

Why a CBD salve?

I turned to CBD years ago to help support with many aspects of my life, from anxiety to insomnia. As the industry has grown, CBD has been tested and has scientifically shown to support with chronic pain and inflammation. Since then, there have been many new products on the market that specifically target joint and muscle pains enter Venture Greens Nutrition CBD menthol salve. An organic product, made with high quality CBD isolate that is perfect for application directly to an affected area.

The CBD salve benefits are a game changer in my eyes. Whether it’s for my sore lower back, sore knees or a sore neck. I can directly apply a wonderfully smelling, menthol salve directly to the area I am feeling discomfort. The mobility and ease of usage is important to me. I’m able to bring the salve along with me in my backpack on hikes, or just in my daily life. This way, I am able to receive the CBD salve benefits on the go. Whether I’m on the side of a mountain mid hike, or sitting at my desk halfway through a work week.  Adding a CBD salve to my hike recovery has been a key factor in my ability to recover quicker and more comfortably after a long, rewarding adventure.


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