Stephen Keeler

Chief Product Officer

Stephen is the Chief Product Officer of Venture Greens Nutrition. He assumes the typical role of a CPO in regards to product development and modification. Although his main goal is to create and sustain quality products, Stephen has taken part in many aspects of the building of Venture Greens Nutrition. From researching and developing new products, to developing our brand, to attending trade shows and events.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from Western New England University
  • 7 years working Inpatient Mental Health
  • 2 years’ experience working with individuals with ABI/TBI
  • 4+ years Product R&D
  • 4 years experience in the Cannabis industry

My Story – How I got involved and Why I use CBD

Before I began my journey with Venture Greens Nutrition I didn’t know much about CBD, and honestly, I had never used it. For a while I had been hearing about the many benefits that CBD has but never really found myself in a position to try it for
Mark, Brandon and I have been friends since elementary school. We went to middle school, and high school together, played sports together, got into trouble together, and still remain friends to this day. When I first heard of them starting Venture Greens Nutrition, I was immediately interested in becoming apart of their vision.
Everything seemed to come together all at once. They began teaching me more about CBD, we began creating quality products, and a company began to flourish. In this time, I began to utilize CBD for a variety of reasons. Most of the CBD I was trying at first was on a testing basis. Any products that we developed needed testing, so I, like the rest of the Venture Greens team, were often the guinea pigs.
Throughout the last two years I have spent time learning more and more about CBD and its many benefits. Now I utilize many forms of CBD throughout my day. I take our French Vanilla tincture for as needed anxiety support. I use our Venture Greens Nutrition CBD beard care products to keep my beard clean, strong and moisturized while also taking care of the skin under my beard. Our Menthol Salve has become a consistent part of my daily routine, I use it for a variety of reasons. Mostly to support with body aches and pains, along with the chronic lower back pain I suffer from.
There is no doubt that CBD, and Venture Greens Nutrition has changed my life drastically. I am very excited to share our story and our products with the world. can speak to it myself; you’re never going to know how much CBD can benefit you until you try it for yourself.

Stephen's Favorite Product


[Product Description, written by Stephen]

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