Mark Picozza

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Mark is the Chief Executive Officer and an original co-founder of Venture Greens Nutrition. He has the typical roles of a CEO but is also very heavily engaged in day to day operations. Mark has taken part in pretty much every aspect of building Venture Greens Nutrition. From creating the brand identity, to building a valuable network of relationships, to developing and manufacturing our products. 

Mark has utilized his 9+ years of cannabis/cannabinoid knowledge and 6+ years of business development experience to build Venture Greens Nutrition from the ground up. He has spent countless hours leading and working side by side with the VGN team, to create what Venture Greens Nutrition is today.


  • 9+ years of experience in the cannabis industry and cannabinoid science
  • 6+ years of business/brand development
  • 6+ year glass artist and owner of Venture Glass
  • 4+ years of R&D and product development
  • Lifetime athlete & full-time adventurer

My Story: Why I Use CBD Products

In February of 2016 I was in a car accident where I sustained a serious head injury. I was hit head on one morning when a steal floor jack launched from my trunk and struck me in the back of the head. The accident landed me with chronic PTSD, severe depression, endless anxiety attacks, restless nights and more.

I have never experienced any of these things before the accident and it was quite a shock to my system having to fight these problems that I never thought I would experience. It took several years and a few close calls to find something that worked for me in the way of coping with these issues. I tried everything from meditation to prescription pharmaceuticals and nothing helped… until I found CBD.

Every day, I battled depression. Every day, I fought through multiple anxiety/panic attacks. Every day I questioned whether these feelings would ever change and if these issues would ever go away. I was lost… CBD changed my entire perspective on these issues.

I started taking CBD consistently and once I started… I never looked back. It was unbelievable the difference it made. I started taking CBD through dabbing it; a technique used to vaporize cannabinoid concentrates. Shortly after, I started to develop an MCT oil tincture and infused it with the CBD for a more convenient and easier to consume product. The results were astonishing!

Every day, I would have an anxiety attack. Anytime I started to feel myself slipping into a panic, I took a milliliter of the tincture and within 5-10 minutes I went from full blown panic attack to shocking relief. So much so, still to this day, as I still have anxiety attacks almost every night, following my tincture dose, I sit still staring at the ground for several minutes in sheer disbelief at how amazing CBD is. How we, the people, have been deprived of this unbelievable molecule for years and years because of political corruption and greed.

From this tincture Venture Greens Nutrition began to blossom. With the help of our COO, Brandon Gobeille and our CPO (Chief Product Officer), Stephen Keeler; we started converting Venture Greens Nutrition into a legitimate business and began to develop more CBD based products. Products specifically formulated for athletes who suffer from physical and mental strain. Products to aid in recovery and allow individuals to continue partaking in their passion year after year. 

It is now April of 2020 and I still, to this day, take my CBD tincture regularly. Generally, I try to take it once in the morning and once at night and add a milliliter as needed. Although adding CBD to my daily morning and night regiment has made a significant difference in my day to day life, from sore joints and muscles to overall anxiety levels. I still suffer nightly anxiety attacks, but with the help of our VGN tincture, several hours of terror has been consistently reduced to about 10 minutes of panic before I slide into a state of relief and thankfulness for CBD and the formation of Venture Greens Nutrition.

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