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Catch A Break From Dealing With Joint Pain

Athlete’s Knees

I grew up through the 90’s and into the 2000’s as a naturally athletic kid. Not to toot my own horn, but I had this weird ability to just pick things up. I could step onto a field or court for the first time and perform as if I had competed for years. And I did just that, until work picked up and game time slowed down. Now only 26 years old, I work too much and have been dealing with joint pain for several years.

Being naturally athletic through my younger years had always given me this extra confidence. I always knew I would have issues in dealing with joint pain after playing so many sports. I never really cared though, as playing sports just made me happy. Fortunately I never suffered any serious injuries through my sports career. However the constant activity took it’s toll on my knees.

It’s sad to say, as young as I am, I get sore as hell after I do any adventuring. At the same time, it’s funny to think about how fast the transition happened. It was like the blink of an eye. Sometimes I’ll find myself limping around after squatting for too long, looking at something. Or I’ve tripped and drove my knee straight into the ground. Or even better, a rock.

Dealing with joint pain at 26… I can only imagine how 80 years old is gonna feel. Maybe by then, they’ll have bionic limbs straight out of a SciFi movie. Until then, I’ve got to use what’s available. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to use products formulated from natural ingredients. Products that are affordable and really work. Venture Greens Nutrition products do just that!

Try menthol salve for dealing with joint pain

Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Dealing with joint pain for the past few years of my life hasn’t been pleasant to say the least. A car accident in 2016 certainly didn’t help either. I avoid pharmaceuticals where I can, even ibuprofen. I know what you’re thinking… “how the hell does he get by without ibuprofen?”. Well, my friends, what I stumbled upon changed my life forever! Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD.

CBD absolutely changed my life. It is an all natural compound extracted from the hemp plant. It has shown unbelievable potential for a variety of physical and mental ailments. Inflammation, chronic pain, seizures, PTSD, anxiety, depression… the list goes on!

Unfortunately, due to unjust regulations and political corruption, cannabis and hemp as a whole has been inaccessible in the US since the early 1900’s. CBD, the non-intoxicating, non-addictive cousin of THC, caught in the crossfire of a war on “mind altering drugs”.

Fortunately however, in 2014, a farm bill was passed launching the hemp movement. Shortly after, the 2018 Farm Bill was signed in and out of it exploded a brand new industry with unlimited potential.


Dealing With the Joint Pain

As an individual who won’t take things like ibuprofen, recovering from physical activities can be quite the series of days. My knees shaky. Waddling around trying to avoid placing too much pressure on my legs individually. If you know me, the visual should be pretty hysterical.

Knees hurting and nothing to help with the inflammation, I couldn’t be more thankful and proud to be co-founder and CEO of Venture Greens Nutrition. A company formulating products specifically for individuals like myself! Lifetime athletes recovering from the years of damage.

My team and I got to work in formulating the best CBD topical we possibly could. We spent months dialing in the base of our CBD salve formula. Finally we hit the nail on the head and put our salve into production, in a few different variations: Menthol, Lavender & Citrus.

I started using the salve, primarily on my knees and neck. Within a week I was feeling 100 times better. The difference was so unbelievable, it blew my mind! I was using a tincture already which definitely helped, especially with my anxiety. But adding the Menthol CBD salve to my daily regiment was a complete game changer.

I have now been using VGN’s Menthol CBD Salve for about a year and I couldn’t imagine life without it at this point. If you’re dealing with joint pain and you haven’t tried a CBD topical, you’re missing out on some serious relief. Skeptics will be skeptics, but is your comfort not worth trying something natural and new? You can thank me later!

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