Accelerating the modern athlete's transition into innovative, all-natural, practices and products.

Venture Greens Nutrition

Venture Greens Nutrition was created with a mission: to accelerate the modern athlete’s transition into innovative, all-natural products and practices. Every member of the VGN team has been an active athlete for most of their lives. With continuous athletic practices, come lasting effects. Everything from damaged joints to torn ligaments to persistent head injuries, athletes require a superior product to help them get back into and continue partaking in whatever sport they hold so close to them. 

Athletes are constantly at risk for many long-term ailments, induced by years of physical and mental stress. Although professional athletes have it hard day in and day out, the everyday, recreational athlete has just as much to recover from. When it comes to physical activity, whether you’re lifting weights to put on mass, kayaking down a turbulent river or shredding the snowy slopes on a set of skis; you are constantly tearing muscle fibers and putting strain on your body. That’s where we come in!

Venture Greens Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company, formulating products specifically to help with athlete’s recovery. Professional or everyday recreational athletes, it’s all the same to us. We believe that trail runners or hikers are just as exposed to injury and strain as a professional athlete, therefore, we believe that they should be taken care of just as well! 

Join us on our journey, to increase athlete’s sustainability, improve recovery time and allow athletes to continue doing what they love most!

Our Products

We believe that our products can change people’s lives by opening their eyes to an all-natural alternative for everyday issues.

Built from the ground up, we have spent countless hours formulating and developing our products. ALL our products are hand crafted in small batches allowing us to maintain quality and consistency from start to finish. Every product is 3rd party lab tested to guarantee they are THC free and accurately dosed. 

All of our lab tests are available on our “Lab Testing” web page.

Our Sources

At VGN, we believe the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp and its constituents, was put in place to boost the American agricultural industry. Between companies outsourcing to other countries for products, ingredients with higher profit margins and a sheer lack of funding; the industry has taken a hit over time.

Venture Greens Nutrition is avidly against the importation of hemp products and raw materials. Therefore, we source all our ingredients from licensed American farms and processors, ensuring our part in stimulating the agricultural economy. All of our ingredients come with Certificates of Analysis along with a third party lab testing, ensuring a clean and reliable starting product.

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